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7 series Ex d Fluorescent Luminaire

7 series Ex d Fluorescent Luminaire
  • 7 series Ex d Fluorescent Luminaire
Nhà sản xuất: Petrel
Mã sản phẩm: 7 series
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Giá: Liên hệ
Số lượng:  

Product Overview . Robust fluorescent lighting equipment suitable for zone 1 gas and zone 21 dust hazardous area environments. Extremely versatile allowing a wide range of lamps to be fitted from 8W to 58W. Emergency models are fitted with integral batteries (minimum 3 hour duration) and charging units for ease of fitting and maintenance. Manufactured from impact resistant polycarbonate and high specification marine grade aluminium, the fitting is supplied anodised and painted.

Certification and Approval

Certification Code: Ex d II 2 G IIB or IIC T5 or T4

Protection: IP 66


  • Easily compatible – 24V to 254V available
  • 50/60Hz compatible
  • Can be used in high ambient temperatures (up to 55°C)
  • Through wiring (loop in, loop out) installation option. Use /TW suffix on reference code
  • Single lamp versions: 7108/S1/240/50 (1x8W), 7118/S2/240/50 (1x18W), 7136/S4/240/50 (1x36W), 7158/S5/240/50 (1x 58W), 7170/S6/240/50 (1x70W)
  • Twin lamp versions: 7208/S1/240/50 (2x8W), 7218/S2/240/50 (2x18W), 7236/S4/240/50 (2x36W), 7258/S5/240/50 (2x58W), 7270/S6/240/50 (2x70W)
  • Sizes: S1 1x8W, 2x8W (448mm, 1ft). S2 1x18W, 2x18W (752mm, 2ft). S4 1x36W, 2x36W (1362mm, 4ft). S5 1x58W, 2x58W (1662mm, 5ft). S6 1x70W, 2x70W (1926mm, 6ft)
  • 230v 50/60Hz Check for alternative voltages
  • -20°C to +55°C standard supply subject to lamp and ambient temperature combinations (ask for details)
  • 8w (T5), 18w, 36w, 58w, 70w (T8) (Lamps not provided)

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